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I have no consistency with my posts whatsoever so I hope you enjoy this multifandom mess!


why do girls have fake pockets when guys can fit a laptop in theirs 

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my parents think i spend all this time on facebook

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"WHAT TEAM?!” I shout out the window into the night.

Somewhere, hundreds of miles away, Zac Efron wakes from a restless sleep, sitting bolt upright “WILDCATS”

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if i had my licence the only thing i’d use it for is mcdonalds at 3am

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no but could you imagine one of the quidditch team members saying “knock on wood” and they all just hit oliver before a big match

I’m almost a thousand percent sure the Weasley twins did that at some point



the breakfast club isnt even about breakfast 

you could have at least said spoiler alert

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Sirius: *Writing a letter to James*
Sirius: Deer James
Lily: It's Dear
Sirius: No it isn't
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casual reminder that you’re probably supposed to be doing something right now that’s not tumblr

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there’s a comic book store in my town that gives ladies a 10% discount and the people who work there are really friendly so lots of ladies show up to hang out and buy comics and one time i was looking through some new releases and this guy walked in, saw all the ladies, did a double take, and said really loudly and condescendingly, ‘there sure are a lot of girls in here for a comic store!’ and laughed but no one else laughed with him and it was glorious

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im going to inject garlic bread into my blood stream 

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